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NYC Department of Buildings Reopening Guidance

Construction activity in New York City is officially approved to start June 8th. All NYC property owners and contractors, with job site permits, are required to follow the Department of Buildings Phase 1 Reopening Guidance.

Employers will also be required to develop a site-specific health plan that should be visibly displayed at all worksites, along with an affirmation to the state stating they have read and understood all reopening requirements. For more information click here.

The Department is prepared to focus the first 30 days of construction resuming on industry education and implementation of the new procedures. DOB violations during these 30 days will carry no financial penalty. After the 30 day period, violations will result in financial penalties, "noncompliance can result in Stop Work Orders and summonses with accompanying civil penalties of up to $5,000 for each offense."

Department inspectors will be conducting site visits to determine compliance with the State’s guidance. See brochure here for information.

Sites not prepared to restart construction must remain secured and maintained to safeguard the public and property while operations are suspended. See Buildings Bulletin 2020-010 and the Weekly Safety Inspection Reports Service Notice.

For more information visit Phase 1 Reopening.


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