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Queens NY, USA


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We had the opportunity to redesign Rochdale village Clubroom's consists of updating all throughout the Rochdale village campus, starting with the building 4 club room as a prototype. The renovations include a new layout featuring 2 unisex ada-compliant restrooms, a renovated kitchen, new flooring finishes picked out by the board, new ceilings, new ada-compliant doors, new L.E.D. lighting throughout, and more closet space.

RJSA has extensive experience in office design and build-outs for both public and private entities.

The main goal is to provide Rochdale village residents and visitors with up-to-date clubrooms that could be of use all year round for seminars and conferences. The renovated kitchens allow the spaces to be transformed for private events and parties when desired and provide ample opportunity to set up for catering.

The new unisex ada-compliant restrooms bring accessibility to all with features like touch-less faucets and touch-less hand dryers placed at conveniently accessible heights. Each of the restrooms also feature a folding Changing table allowing the space to be used as a family restroom.

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