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Façade Inspection & Safety Program

Façade Inspection & Safety Program now in effect

The Local Law 11/88 Cycle 9A filing period is officially open, and Local Law 11/98 is now in effect. Check out the full Final Ruling here.

The quick

Owners of buildings more than six stories tall are required to hire a licensed professional to perform a comprehensive façade inspection every five years and submit a Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP) report to the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) for review.

DOB will issue a FISP Condition Certificate to be posted in the building lobby so occupants know you are taking care of the façade.

The dirty

DOB Commissioner La Rocca is putting building owners on notice, “Maintain the safety of your façades, or you will face stiff fines and rigorous enforcement. We are strengthening the tools we already have to ensure New Yorkers are kept safe from deteriorating façades. New rule changes and more proactive field inspections will better equip us to hold negligent building owners accountable and protect the public.”

DOB increased penalties significantly to relay just how serious these matters are.

The inspection

Inspections must be conducted by Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors (QEWI), they must have seven years of relevant experience, hold a professional license, and be qualified by the DOB.

Cavity walls, or two walls separated by an air cavity or possibly insulation, must be probed no more than every 60 linear feet of façades fronting public right of ways. This will begin with Cycle 9 and will be a requirement for every odd cycle thereafter.

The repairs

Repairs must be made within five years. DOB added new penalties for any deficiencies not corrected by the next cycle.

Take action now

Request a Proposal for Local Law 11/98 FISP Services or call our office at 212.737.6487.

With more than 30 years of experience we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Stay tuned

We’ll be posting a façade checklist soon!


Robert Stahl Architects help with all aspects of facade maintenance and FISP regulations.


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