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Facade Inspection & Safety Program Reminders

Do you need to file your Façade Inspection & Safety Program Report (FISP) during the amnesty period?

Remember it requires a full payment of any civil penalties owed first.

To receive the full amount owed, contact the Facades unit at Penalty sheets created by the Facades unit must be taken to the Cashier when making a payment.

Note: Civil penalty amounts shown in DOB NOW: Safety may not be correct for the amount owed during amnesty periods.

Is your Conditions Certificate posted in your lobby or vestibule?

Per RCNY 103-04, you must post your Conditions Certificate in the lobby or vestibule of all FISP buildings, indicating the most recent status of the building’s exterior walls and appurtenances, regardless of the date of Cycle of the last filing.

To print your Conditions Certificate, log into DOB NOW: Safety, go to Actions on the main dashboard, then click on Select Action.

Don’t forget to upload a QEWI/Inspector Photo.

To satisfy RCNY 103-04(c)(3)(iii)(F)(5): Dated photo documentation of the QEWI and/or his or her employees performing physical (“close-up”) inspections, you can now upload a close-up photo to Supporting Documents.

Reminder: FISP Reports must be submitted electronically through DOB NOW: Safety.

Once a Registered Design Professional (RDP) meets the required qualifications and experience they can apply for QEWI (Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector) status that enables them to file FISP reports in DOB NOW: Safety.


Robert Stahl Architects can help with all aspects of facade maintenance and FISP regulations.


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