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NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) Interactive Construction Map

Just last month, the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) launched a real-time interactive map of all major construction projects in the city. The map shows nearly 200 million square feet of buildings currently under construction in New York City.

“This is the natural evolution of what we’ve done over the last four-plus years: to make [DOB data] accessible to every New Yorker, regardless of your industry or interest.” Richard Chandler, the DOB commissioner, Times.

The benefits the public can gather from the map are:

  • The active permits issued by the NYC DOB for new buildings, as well as alteration projects involving the enlargement of an existing building.

  • Real time updates of new permits issued and existing permits expired.

  • The public can sort, search and view permit data by:

  • Building type (commercial, residential, etc.)

  • Proposed number of dwelling units

  • Square footage

  • Estimated cost

  • Community board boundaries

  • General contractors for the project

  • Snapshots of the largest development projects going up around the city, allowing the public to track which general contractors have the most square feet under construction.

To view the map, click here.


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