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Proposed Changes for Local Law 11

The NYC DOB continues to alter the regulations under Local Law 11. They are now focusing on Local Law 11's Cycle 9. Habitat goes through many of these proposed changes and what it means for NYC Property Managers and NYC Building Maintenance. All of these changes mean that a lack of attention prior to inspection can result in higher fines and costs. They are:

  1. Probes to verify stability of cavity walls.

  2. Number of required close up inspections based on building size and public egress.

  3. Minimum of 3 years’ experience requirement for QEWI’s.

  4. Set Time frame to resolve unsafe conditions.

  5. Monthly penalties for unsafe conditions.

  6. DOB inspections prior to granting extensions.

  7. Posting of FISP condition certificate in lobby.

To read the full article and further description of these changes, read the article here.


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