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NYC DOB and NYS Guidelines and Best Practices

As we prepare for the return to job sites and our commercial buildings in and surrounding New York City, it is important that we have safety practices in place. As a Local Law 11 architect in NYC, our team is ready -- as always, and more than ever -- to implement the precautions necessary to keep our community safe.

The NYC DOB has released excellent resources and guidelines to utilize.

NYC DOB COVID-19 Guidelines for Job sites: Compiling information from OSHA, CDC, and other publications, this guide is a great printable resource to remind staff of necessary safety measures.

NYC DOB Best Practices for Job sites: If you are currently active or if you are going to start working in occupied buildings, this provides good practices for a safe job site in New York City. NYS General Building Cleaning Guidance: This has been out since March and remains a standard on how to keep your buildings clean and safe.


As Local Law 11 Architects, our team is here for you. Read more about NYC Local Law 11 here.


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