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Public Assembly Permit

Permit Description To maintain or operate a place of assembly

New York City Department of Buildings requires a Place of Assembly or PA permit for all premises where the Certificate of Occupancy Indicates that either :​

  • 75 or more members of the public may gather indoors

  • 200 or more members may gather outdoors for group activities such as religious, recreational, educational, political or social purposes

Cost of Permit Fee varies based on the number of occupants

Permit Length Not to exceed 1 year

Application Requirements

  • Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation from the New York City Department of Buildings.

  • Department of Building approved floor or seating plan(s) related to the place to be inspected. Various copies of required

  • Various copies of required Certificate of Fitness such as:

  • S-95 Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems and other Related Systems

  • F-03 Indoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel

  • F-04 Temporary Indoor/Outdoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel

  • F-01 (if required) Citywide Fire Guard for Impairment

Additional Information See Following Fire Code Sections:

For More Information:

Email LPPA@FDNY.NYC.GOV or call (718) 999-2436.

Print Permits You can print your permit online with the FDNY Quick Print option.


The RJSA team has the architectural and building knowledge to help

building owner's navigate facade maintenance and compliance.


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