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Worker Alert: Scaffolding and Facade Safety

Gas piping must be inspected by your community district deadline.

Façade work performed on scaffolding can be extremely dangerous. Workers must follow safety procedures at all times to prevent serious injury or even death.

Worker Alert

To help those engaged in New York City façade construction work, DOB issued a new Worker Alert. This Worker Alert offers practical guidance on how to perform façade construction work safely.

Read the full Alert for best practices and potential life-saving information like:

· Getting properly trained before you step on a scaffold. Find a DOB-approved course provider.

· Utilizing fall protection properly. Wearing a harness is not enough!

· Exercising extreme care when removing coping stones.

· Practicing safe sequencing.

· Do not use stand-off brackets. Stand-off brackets are dangerous and prohibited.

Request a Corner/Angle Scaffold Inspection

Proper scaffold set up is essential. For requests of a DOB inspection of corner/angle scaffolds, a Corner/Angle Scaffold Inspection Request Form must be submitted.

Be ready for a successful corner/angle scaffold inspection by meeting the inspection requirements laid out in this Service Notice.


The RJSA team has the architectural and building knowledge to help building owner's navigate facade maintenance and compliance.


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