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Violation: Ornamental Features

The beauty of New York City design and construction is apparent as you walk down streets, especially like this one on East 96th Street. One of the decorative portions of the window lintels had fallen onto the sidewalk. NYC DOB takes this seriously and was immediately on site to assess the situation.

As a NYC architect, Robert Stahl Architects were called to go and inspect the rest of the façade and lintels to assess their stability. We will now proceed to design the repairs of the façade, prepare construction documents and file with the NYC DOB for the repairs. This building was originally not part of Local Law 11 however the Department of Buildings decided to add them to Local Law 11 and has sent them a notice to that extent. After these repairs are performed to bring the building to a SAFE condition further inspections will be conducted and SAFE report will be filed with the NYC DOB.


Have questions on these updates or Local Law 11 violations or filing? We're here for you.


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