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Essential Work Request Require for Continued Construction Work

NYC DOB is requiring anyone who wants to continue Construction work fill out an Essential Work Request through DOBNOW.

Some quick points:

  1. The Applicant of record needs to submit an Essential Construction Request on DOBNOW for the Department’s Consideration and response.

  2. While the department considers the request, Work must be suspended except to secure and maintain the site. If work continues there is a $10,000 fine issue to each permit holder found in violation on site.

  3. The request must include an explanation of the scope of work and what qualifies it to continue.

In regards to Façade Work DOB says: Only Façade Restoration work necessary to correct conditions labeled as Unsafe in a Local Law 11 Façade Inspection Report or necessary to address any condition requiring immediate corrective action that severely affects life, health. safety, property, or significant number of persons can continue during this suspension of non-essential construction work.

In regards to Affordable housing DOB says: Only affordable housing projects with a minimum of 30% of the units being affordable that are new building construction, or a 100% vacant building conversion can continue during this suspension of non-essential construction.

More information can be found on the NYC DOB website, FAQs: Essential and Non Essential Construction


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FISP regulations.


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